The Luffy ecosystem focuses on covering all needs of crypto investors, gamers and anime fans by creating multiple utilities.

Anime Earn

Luffy provides flexible and long term staking with an APR of up to
24%. Stake your Luffy tokens today and begin earning rewards

  • 5 Pools
  • 24% APR
  • Flexible
  • Earn passive income

Land of Kai

Land of Kai is a 3D open world game providing a strong story mode. Play the game to earn tokens while challenging real opponents.

  • 3D open world
  • P2E
  • NFT Game Assets
  • Story mode
  • Mini Games

NFT Marketplace

A platform where mangakas and fans can use the Ethereum blockchain to sell and buy anime/manga NFTs.

  • ETH Chain
  • Manga & Anime related art
  • Buy and sell NFTs
  • Safety audit by CERTIK

Crypto Academy

Our learning platform will provide content for beginners, intermediate, and advanced investors.

  • Earn while learning
  • Follow-Up exams
  • Deep crypto courses

Multiverse Studio

Start your adventure in our Virtual Reality Multiverse Studio! Challenge our devs and community members in VR events.

  • VR Events
  • Celebrities vs Fans
  • Devs vs Community
  • Anime related events

Anime Dext

View live charts & find detailed information about your favorite tokens within seconds.

  • Accurate Charts
  • Safety Measures
  • Risk Calculator
  • Detailed token info

Anime Mask

Advanced DeFi multi-chain platform to buy crypto with your credit card, to trade and stake your tokens.

  • Multi-chain
  • Anime Shop
  • Trade NFTs
  • FIAT – Crypto exchange
  • Verified projects

Anime Swap

Create and manage your wallets on the Ethereum blockchain. Check token details and history directly in the app.

  • ETH Chain
  • Liquidity Providing
  • Safety Audit by CERTIK
  • Staking

Luffy Blockchain

A protocol for building & connecting all meme & anime tokens
launched on Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

  • Luffy chain
  • Meme & Anime tokens
  • Secure
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Deflationary


Anime racing play-to-earn game with over 150 character attributes. Individualize your game with 5.555 NFTS!

  • Play2Earn
  • +150 Attributes
  • Anime Racing Game
  • 5.555 NFT combinations
  • Uniques game abilities